How to Print Multiple PCB Layouts on a Single Sheet of Paper

The Problem
The problem with most PCB design software is that only a single PCB design can be printed in a single sheet of paper. If we copy the images and paste it many times the proportion may not be the same, resulting in smaller or larger print sizes than the actual size.
The Solution
There is a simple way of doing this. All you need is an image editing software with which you can set resolutions of the image. I currently use Microsoft Expression Design 2 for my layouts. You can use Adobe Photoshop also. If you want a freeware solution you can use Gimp, Paint.Net etc. Let us see how to achieve it using Eagle and Microsoft Expression Design 3. (Tested and Working Perfectly)
1. Export you PCB as image from Eagle. Set the resolution to any value(Recommended: 300). Large resolution results in large file size, large time to process and large accuracy of the printouts. Make sure that Monochrome option check box is selected
2. Open the exported image from Microsoft Expression Design 2.
3. Select all and copy it.
4. Create a new document (File -> New). A new dialog box appears (titled: New Document).
5. In the Presets select the paper size of your choice( I use A4). Set the resolution to the value you already set while exporting image from eagle.
6. That’s it! Almost Done! Now paste the image as many times you want and save the image as PDF.
7. While printing (from Adobe Reader) make sure that Page Scaling option is set to None and Choose paper source by PDF page size check box is selected. Uncheck the Auto-Rotate and Center check box.
I’m sure that’ll make your life easier with PCBs.
1. Don’t forget to post your experiences.
2. I am going to post the detailed methods using software packages other than Microsoft Expression Blend 2 here. Sign up for updates to this blog if you need it.

Making PCB from Eagle

The problem with making PCBs from eagle is that just a single layout can be added in a single sheet of paper. If engineers in eagle change the printing option so that multiple layouts can be printed on a single sheet of paper, it would be a spenldid one.
This is especially true for guys like me who makes printed circuit boards using Toner Tranfer Method. I am going for a solution for this problem now. I just want to make an entry here mean while I am going to search for a solution. I post it here when I got atleast one. Anybody know how to do it?. Please post it here.
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
A New solution to this problem is found that you can see here:!126E3B7D48DA47BD!602.entry